Basic Potato Salad Recipe

Some basic ingredients of potato salad

* Potatoes: Cut the potatoes into half inch potato slices before cooking them. Exhaust it and clean it in a strainer. Chop the sliced potatoes into pieces and put in to a salad basin.

* Salad dressing: The normal dressing for potato is mayonnaise. This increases the flavor of the potato We can also add some amount of other condiments to increase the flavor. Plain mustard is the most popular one to add, to increase the taste. It’s preferred to go for lighter salad which can well mix with oil and vinegar dressing. Use refrigerator as a base to your dressing.

* Vegetables: The most common vegetable used in this salad is onion. Sweet onions are preferred as they are not burly as usual onion. Other vegetables used here are cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and radishes.

* Eggs and cheese: salads are sometimes called as boiled eggs. For standard sized salad of six potatoes we mix four eggs and two eggs are placed at the top of the bowl.

* Fruits: Some salads contain apple, pineapple and pear.

Waxy potatoes are best potatoes to use in salad recipe. We can also use small potatoes with red like skin. Fingerlings give colorful impression with skin like potatoes.

Even though wide variety of salads available, no salad gives taste like German salad. Most of northern and Southern Germany, Australian and southern European, countries use salads without vinegar and other oil products. Even though the base recipe remains unchanged in these regions, the number and variety of added ingredients can change significantly.

Even though salad is a commonly known dish, many people don’t know that potato salad is becoming extensively accepted in the Asian community, especially in Korea. However, the Korean version of the salad is a bit different. In the Korean version, we add beef, which we normally don’t perceive in a side dish, as well as cucumbers and fruits, like pears and pineapple. It is a very simple recipe that takes hardly any cooking.