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8 plagues Geraniums

Although they are really rustic and sturdy, these are not spared from attack by pests such as the African fly, mealybugs, green mosquito, nematodes, aphids, whiteflies, caterpillars and red spider.

1.African Mosca

It is one of the plagues of the Geranios most important and harmful.

If you perceive that there are holes in the stems of your copies, the leaves are wilted or no leaves with bites, these symptoms are caterpillars, which are about 2 cm long and have a greenish color.

Preventively treats the plant once a month from appearing.

However, if it is already too attacked by a butterfly geranium or African fly, you should discard it because there is no solution. If you are not attacked, remove all affected stems and apply an insecticide.

2. Cochinillas

They are one of the most common insects that can exist in plants. They are similar to warts, and their color is brown. These can appear in both stems and leaves.

These warts are small capsules having eggs and hatchlings. Cochineal is small and flat, a straw-like, translucent and pale color.

When out of his shell, looking for a place to eat; each individual adheres to the stem or leaf, molasses, and suctions excreted plant juices.

Mealybugs are difficult to control because the eggs and larvae are protected by a shell. However, you can scrape off all visible insects with an object and then sprinkle with multipurpose insecticide Calypso AL.

3. Red Spider

The red spider is a difficult insect to locate and perhaps one of the most laborious to remove.

Small mites are nearly invisible to the naked eye and are usually housed in the back of the sheets, biting and breaking the tissue.

When the pest is widespread, you can identify it as a straw-colored creature.

However, this mite damage that causes them to leaves is very easy to distinguish, because it generates the loss of green pigment and makes acquiring a faded look.

4. Aphids

There are yellow, green, pink, and black aphids.

One night may appear a lot of them with or without wings, depending on their maturity.

When aphids begin to multiply, they may damage the geranium quickly, attacking new outbreaks by sticking the thin tube into young cells and sucking the juice plant to feed themselves.

This causes the buds to bend to be damaged. They also excrete honeydew and develop a black fungus after a short period. Molasses and removes fungus with the insecticide Decis Protech.

5. Whitefly

Whitefly is easy to recognize, as it formed a cloud of insects when someone was shaking or moving.

These thrive in hot, dry places, but in winter can also build a big problem.

Deposited eggs and larvae on the back face of the sheets excreted molasses and may form a black fungus. Spray the plant with the same applied insecticide for aphids.

6. Green Mosquito

They are tiny sucking insects and spiking its beak to absorber sap leaves.

This causes similar discoloration mites as abounding. The leaves lose their green pigmentation, yellowing, or, put red and may even fall.

Fights plant with the same insecticide used for aphids and whiteflies.

7. Caterpillars

There are several species of caterpillars that can reach devour geranium leaves.

Just you see them. You pick them up by hand like laying eggs that usually easily stand on the undersides of leaves during the spring.

In more serious cases, you can get rid of effectively using the same insecticide used to combat mosquitoes green, whiteflies and aphids, or, using the insecticide-miticide Natria.

8. Nematodes

Nematodes are one of the plagues of geraniums that are introduced into the roots to feed on their juices.

Not very easy to know if the planting attacked by pests such as the symptoms can be confused with excess water, lack of nutrients, and so on.

To recognize gender Meloydogine, you must remove the roots from the ground and see if some lumps in them.

The cones leaves are affected by nematodes, lose their green color, and turn yellow; subsequently, they wither. If you suspect or identify the pest, see the garden center to find out which product advise you, because in the market there are many brands and products varied.

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