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Antihormigas and effective home products to eliminate ants

This animal species, whose scientific name serves at formicids, dating back over a hundred million years ago and are known to work together.

Classified in a pyramid at the top thereof are fertile females ants to work down the ladder to the known as worker ants or soldiers.

How to kill ants?

Once this little introduction as a summary of the characteristics of this insect, we will focus on those species that live in our homes and gardens to know how to kill ants.

If you are reading this, you probably find against an invasion of these animals. If so, in this article, we will propose a series of tricks or guidelines to kill ants quickly and efficiently.

Should these annoying animals were cast outside your houses, nothing better to remove garden ants to carry out a series of recommendations as shown below:

  1. Poison or spermicide usually the first resource of all those who have ever seen before an invasion of ants. However, for this method to be fully active, it should be done with the same path that will take us to the final destination, the anthill.

To meet them at the base of a plant or a tree trunk, a cloth soaked in this solution around them will be the perfect alternative to end them.

  1. Another solution is the natural remedies in the form of plants that give off scents that are not pleasant for them, such as thyme or lavender. Also, salt (this remedy widely used in millions of homes from our grandmothers) or garlic roots or access points such as doors or windows, is another alternative to get rid of this annoying insect.

Ants are great enemies of a manicured garden. They can cause deterioration such as crack or steel plants and flower seeds that we have planted so carefully in our backyard.

If we add an anthill next to the root of any plant stands that this will soon dry up, things get even more complicated.

Which unwanted tenant, ants are also assiduous households; therefore, should avoid certain habits if we want to find a tenant who besides not paying rent is difficult to evict.

Heat and food scraps are the perfect combinations to attract these small Barraco, so household cleaning must be regularly, and if it drops of vinegar is used, holy remedy.

An ant wandering alone in the kitchen is an indicator that others are nearby. Such extreme vigilance like a war zone. It was because the enemy will soon show signs of life.

Always airtight containers to prevent any crumbs that might attract them spill is another way of them away. Similarly should seal the access points products such as silicone to prevent entry.

If you wonder how to remove the ants at home, there are plenty of remedies that our grandmothers used and to end once and for all with them.

Insecticides home antihormonal

Some of the most effective home antihormonal:

  1. Cinnamon and pepper, for example.
  2. Also, squeeze the juice of several lemons and sprinkle on them, preferably with a sprinkler.
  3. Baking soda and sugar, a combination that will flee in terror.
  4. White vinegar, as well as being a great ally to keep the floors shiny and be a great disinfectant, is also one of the biggest enemies of these little intruders.
  5. In places such as access doors and windows, take talcum powder.
  6. A branch of oregano in the cupboards also keeps away.
  7. Coffee lovers can use one granite for discouraging.
  8. Although the smell is not pleasant, ammonia is an excellent fighter in this field. You can always try to spray the possible entries when you go to spend a few hours out, and around the smell will not be as strong.

Repellents all of the natural development whose cost is affordable to all budgets and allows exterminate any plague of ants that is intended to be a corner at home.

If you still like it has failed to eliminate them, perhaps the best solution, although more expensive it will be to call a professional, specialist called exterminators kill pests of different animals, like cockroaches or ants.

It should be noted that all the ants are the eusocial character. This definition refers to other things. They are insects that are characterized by living among them for generations.

Although rare, this feature makes these animals act in colonies, as if it were a single unit that works together. So if you find a couple of ants hanging around your house or garden, feel that there will be many others around.

Additional interesting facts about ants

Once immersed in the world of ants, noted as some of the curiosities of this animal species, among other things, can piggyback fifty times their weight, interact with other species such as aphids or enslave other species ants forcing them to work for their colony.

But the funny thing is that these tiny creatures have lived with gigantic dinosaurs , as they are part of the earth for millions of years.

In this battle, antihormonal hope we have been helpful to all those who have met with them to date, revealing not only remedies and antihormonal products different, but also how they relate and coexist these little animals. Studying their habits play with an advantage over them.

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