Planting care

How to prevent rust?

It may occur particularly in the aerial zone of plants such as fruits, stems, leaves, and flowers. The main cause is moisture or excess water.

This disease is caused by two fungi: Puccinia and Melampsora and generally occurs in shrubs, trees, vegetables, fruit trees and vegetables. Usually it distinguished by the presence of a brownish or reddish lumps in the undersides of leaves , whereas in the beam of the same, that is, on the face which is facing the sky, presents a yellowish spots and leaves discolored portions.

What plants are affected by rust?

Azaleas, carnations, dahlias, begonias, chrysanthemums, and focus, among other plants, tend to be affected by rust, especially when grown in greenhouses or conservatories with a high degree of humidity in the atmosphere.

In some plants, the attack may occur on stems, causing a kind of pustules or brownish or yellowish scabs that, in more severe cases, can cause the death of them.

How to treat and prevent rust?

If you want to reduce the risk of infection, it is best not to put together too many plants, but rather distribute them in ventilated places.

On the other hand, if you to perceive the symptoms of rust, you have to burn the leaves, stems, and infected branches to prevent the spread of this fungus and perform treatment with a protective fungicide that prevents progress and invades the leaves are not affected.

You can even use an ecological treatment based on wormwood, horsetail, neem oil or neem, garlic, onion, chamomile, and so on.

You should also avoid sprinkler irrigation systems, because these excessively wet leaves and can be suitable for rust development, as well as have good drainage to prevent a warm, humid and stagnant market environment.

Are there different types of rust?

If indeed, there are many kinds of rust that usually classified according to their color: brown, black, orange, or yellow. These are propagated as well commented earlier in trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants, with the rosebush, its main victim.

It is important to make clear that the affected parts of the plant with rust can not be recovered, and therefore, it is essential to remain alert to early symptoms.

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