Lawnmower selection

Lawnmower selection

A well-groomed lawn is an undoubted decoration of the local area. Separate flowering bushes look great against its background, and the playground located here will allow children to run barefoot on the grass. More about lawns here https://electrogardentools.com/p/walk-behind-string-trimmers-what-defines-the-best-trimmers/

However, in order to achieve the perfect lawn look, you need to work hard and a good lawn mower will make the job easier. The industry believes that it is best to use a lawn mower with mulching function. Finely cut grass, evenly distributed over the surface, nourishes the lawn with moisture and is a natural fertilizer. Source: Official dealer of STIHL, PROINSTRUMENT trading company.

Depending on the access to the electrical network, an electric or gasoline-powered lawn mower is selected. It is quite simple to manage any of them, and the result will certainly please. If the area of ​​the lawn is small, then you should not overpay for excess power and functionality that is not required during operation.

The Viking ME 235 electric lawn mower, despite its low weight and dimensions, allows you to quickly mow the lawn. For ease of use, the handle can be adjusted to the height of the operator or folded for easy transport and storage. You can choose any of the five possible heights of cutting grass. There is also an integrated cable strain relief system. The cut grass is collected in a grass catcher with a full indicator.

The Stihl RM 248 petrol lawnmower, from a well-known Austrian company, allows you to mow the lawn far from the mains, it is very economical, since it requires little fuel to work.

For large areas, it is better to use the Stihl RM 545 lawnmower, which has a powerful engine, easy to start and quiet operation. The grass is collected in a 60 liter grass catcher, but it can be supplemented with a mulching kit. The qualified personnel of the PROINSTRUMENT trading company, an official dealer of Stihl, will help you to choose the best option from the offered lawn care equipment, and in addition, you can choose other necessary equipment to facilitate labor-intensive work.

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